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Sexy Suicide

Last year I was pushed by my friend to listen to a song of a band called Sexy Suicide. At a time I have to admit, I wasn’t digging for new music so much, so I disregarded it. Thankfully, my friend was not giving up. He got so caught up into this band, he convinced… Continue reading Sexy Suicide

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Black Eyed Peas “#WHERESTHELOVE”

If you have been living under the rock or just extremely busy, just like me, most probably you didn’t know, that Black Eyed Peas reunited for a good cause approximately 6 months ago and remixed their own song. The song we all know so well. With a small bonus. “Where is the love” was first… Continue reading Black Eyed Peas “#WHERESTHELOVE”

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From First to Last&Skrillex

Yesterday, just before going to sleep, I was scrolling Facebook timeline and I came across new post by From First To Last. It was a shared link of an article from Pitchfork. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ear, when I played the content. Fangirling 100%. From First to Last played the first show with… Continue reading From First to Last&Skrillex

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From First to Last

From First to Last is back with new music and a guest appearance fans were waiting for – Skrillex. Yes, you heard it, the rumors are true and we can finally hear the result of collaboration. For those who have no vague idea, what I’m talking about, From First to last is an American rock/post-hardcore band.… Continue reading From First to Last

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Ed Sheeran – new music

So, the internet is buzzing about Ed Sheeran’s comeback. No wonder, one of our favorites British redheads was radio silent for a year. But as he promised, he came back with new music. It’s not just a single or a sample, but a whole new album coming out. Very soon. The third album, called “÷”… Continue reading Ed Sheeran – new music

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Songs of 2016

This year was like a crazy roller-coaster, giving the lemons and when you tried to make a lemon juice out of it, it splashed into your eyes. Yes, we did it, we managed to survive. We have lost idols, the war took a lot of lives and it seems like the world is crushing all… Continue reading Songs of 2016

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Lower than Atlantis “Had enough”

Approximately two years ago I wrote about Lower than Atlantis song Here we go. That’s basically how I got to know their music. In my last post I also mentioned the fact of finding songs in an exact perfect emotional state. Had enough is one of those songs. Literally. For the last two months I’ve… Continue reading Lower than Atlantis “Had enough”

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You me at six “Night people”

If you ask me, what kind of songs I like the most, it’s definitely revenge songs. Second place have post-breakup songs. We’ve all been there. Not only after a break up, since everyone has at least one person they don’t like or had a so called beef with. There are plenty of great songs to… Continue reading You me at six “Night people”

music video review

MØ “Drum”

On November 11 MØ posted a video, directed to her fans in Canada and US. Bad news is, she needs to postpone the tour till next year. Good news is, she’s taking the time to finish the album. MØ didn’t stay silent for long thou, she posted a first teaser for her new music video… Continue reading MØ “Drum”

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How music can change a point of view

This year was full of ups and downs, but filled with live music. To know me a bit more, I need to tell you, I was always afraid of crowds. So much so I was not attending any big events. First concert I attended (I’m not talking about the small “accidental” ones) in 2014, being… Continue reading How music can change a point of view